CCIM is hosting an Information Weekend for those of you who are potentially interested in working alongside CCIM as we  minister in many places and countries.


The Work I Do

My role at Capturing Courage International Ministries is a full mix of out-front edge of the wave activity and then behind the scenes nurturing of infrastructure and CCIM community.

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Taking My Time Forward

I’m doing the debriefing necessary as I unpack my ministry time in India. Every trip that I take I come away with new wisdoms and greater clarity for going forward. My time in India is bringing these same gifts my way.

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Morning Prayer & Song

I am in Bangalore, India. My room is right across from the Bible College that I am visiting for these next days. This morning, as dawn approaches, and because I have the doors to my little patio open, I could hear (they only just finished) the students as they gathered in the top room singing praises to the Lord.

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God Through an Eight Year Old

It was our first week in Uganda. We were at a school run by Evangelist Patrick. One afternoon we gathered the students under the mango tree for we were going to teach them about prayer.

I began my part of the teaching by asking the students the kinds of things that they wanted to bring to the Lord in prayer. A number of students put up their hands and I gave each an opportunity to share their prayer requests.

One student wanted wisdom and knowledge and another wanted healing for her grandma. And then, one young boy, perhaps eight years old, replied that he wanted to pray for the visitors.


Alongside the Faithful

For many years now the pattern has been that God brings us at CCIM alongside those He is bringing into new levels of influence and spiritual authority within the body of Christ.

As leaders move forward and beyond themselves in ministry it is imperative that hearts and spirits are both cleansed of past residue and strain and simultaneously filled with the grace and peace of our Lord.

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