I am in my final days before heading to Uganda for three months. As you can imagine, the last details, the final email communications, the odds and ends running (endlessly) through my head have me both full up and feeling like a sieve.

Last week I was with my daughter and family in Calgary and the Lord was holding back His deep presence upon me. On the Monday’s bus ride home He began to unleash Himself and I am feeling the fierceness of the Lord pouring into me.

I’ve found that the key to allowing the glory of God to pour through oneself is to remain very human. I may be tired, sad, overwhelmed, wanting, and this, in fact, is the safest way to be in the express power of our Lord. And so I am full-on in the mix of simply being very human while simultaneously feeling myself rising, standing tall, in the fierce love and power of God.

His heart for people is exceptional. His fury against the darkness that robs and steals is pure and holy and is born out of righteous anger that drove Him to die on a cross that the bondage upon mankind might be loosed and we might be free.

My words, barely touch the truth of it.

I am more and more and more amazed and in awe and stunned and delighted and tickled-pink by the gospel. It is powerful, mighty, authentic, transformative; the great passion of God played out for all the world. And this too, seems like an understatement.

I don’t know why the Lord has chosen to use me in His kingdom, or why I carry the authority that I do, or why my words are inhabited by the Living God, but they are and I am, and so I give my life for the freedom of nations, that in the name and the blood of our living Lord Jesus Christ all strongholds of evil and darkness are held back and silenced, that the Kingdom of God might sweep through our lives with immeasurable peace and grace; the power of Jesus unto life and life abundantly.

Amen and amen.

2 thoughts

  1. Amen and amen, Cyndy. 

    May your hand be strengthened in doing the will of God. 



    * The Hebrew phrase “strengthen the hand” is a metaphor for encouragement. It means receiving hope to carry on by the raising of one’s eyes on High, thereby receiving enabling power in one’s weak feet, knees, hands and spirit…



    Dr John Clements



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