Healing our world is possible. It starts with each one of us.

Delving into the black pit of our own lives, the judgments we live on, the failures we’ve tucked away, the heartache we try to bury, is all an invitation to life abundant in Jesus Christ.

Those things, the dark and the ugly, the mismanaged and abused, the depressed and downtrodden, all of it can be a birthplace of much light and life.

If we will enter there.

You see, the cross of our Lord Jesus went down into Sheol. The cross is planted in the darkness of each of our lives. And if we will follow the cross all the way down, we will come to find a banqueting table laid out for us there.

And we will experience the miraculous of God in our own hearts as light drives away the darkness and death is swallowed up in life.

It starts, by finding others who will journey alongside us, by holding the promises and the courage to follow Christ with our own cross, and heading into the scary and the dark.

This side of the threshold this sounds like crazy talk. Like a child afraid to walk ahead into a dark room, we forget that we take light with us, and that as we arrive it will no longer be dark.

But on the other side of the threshold, wow, life abounds. God is love. Jesus is our Savior. And life is good!

Take courage to enter into your darkness and find the light of God there.

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