The work is solid, expansive, and true, due to the heart and will of the Lord. At Capturing Courage International Ministries we have been faithful with a little for a very long time. Faithful with the intent and heart of God as we have understood, and then faithful with the work, with the invites and fellowships, in bringing what we are mandated to bring; establishing a safe culture that precipitates deep healing and transformation of hearts and lives.

It appears, from the over 250 villages churches that I’ve been to in the last years, that unforgiveness and bitterness have locked up hearts and minds and lives, and nations. We simply cannot move forward if we are gripped to the past in heart hatreds, profound disappointments and a waiting for God to make it right. In this we are stuck.

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Sulha by Cyndy Lavoie with Lugandan Translation

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Into the Love of God

Entered into the Love of God we enter into the wild.

Entered into the Love of God we put down our presupposed outcomes,

We enter into process, and relationship, and the unknown future;

How might we live and have our being?

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For God So Loved

“For God So Loved”   ( John 3:16a )

Because God loved I have an invitation to the wedding feast of the lamb.

( Revelation 19:6-9 )

So will those who have offended me worst,

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An Idolatry of Violence in the United States

For some years I’ve been watching, out of the corner of my eye, violence increase in the United States – at least the kind that involves a mass shooting. It is as though the violence is seeping out of closed doors and into public spaces and places.

There have been 356 mass shootings this year alone in the U.S. This is a fact. This is not exaggeration. This is the number of shootings of 4 or more people at a time.

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A 20-Year Game Plan

When I was in India I prayed for a lot of people. I’ve learned the healing prayer model from Impact Nations. It is pretty easy.

  1. Can I pray for you today?
  2. Where is your pain?
  3. On a scale of 1 – 10 how bed is the pain?
  4. May I touch (your shoulder, or where the pain is)?
  5. “I declare that all pain in the shoulder must go right now in the name of Jesus”
  6. How is your pain now?
  7. Oh, it is a 4 out of 10 instead of (previous answer).
  8. Okay, let’s pray again
  9. “I declare that all pain in the should must go right now in the name of Jesus”

Most times, pain is gone completely. Movement is restored. Strength returns.

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The Power of Prayer – Practical Gifts from Jesus to Others

It was such a great week this last week. I’m still trying to put words to it all. Years back as the Lord was telling me of the work to come I would think ‘pray for many people’ and be completely overwhelmed. And even on my previous ministry trips I’ve had a love / hate relationship with prayer. I’m called to pray, but I don’t want to be the only one praying, others can pray, on and on and on the thoughts rattled in my head and heart.

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