I’m at a bit of a conundrum. My youngest daughter has viral meningitis this week,and so we are camped in the living room with plenty of liquids and movies and quiet.

I love sick weeks.

There is something about them that has always warmed my heart. Even as a child I loved nothing more than being sick, snuggled in my bed, hunkered down for a time. Sickness to me signals comfort and cozy.

As an adult, it is a choice opportunity to turn off every dial, put aside the normal hustle and bustle of life, and just rest, and be quiet. Even last year when I was deathly ill with Malaria, even then I simply felt comfort and quiet deep in my soul.

I love sick weeks.

This is my conundrum. Astute in inner healing I am keen on entering into more physical healing as well. Yet it doesn’t take much to recognize the obvious contradiction. How does healing live alongside sick weeks? They don’t.

Now I’ve always been one to allow and claim the working of God in my life through any and every situation, including sickness. When, for instance, I was hit by a car some half-dozen years ago and all of my life came to a screeching halt with a significant turn of focus after that – I give God the glory for that. It was truly his saving of me in one sense of the word.

You see, years back I read this verse, “If you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become my spokesman.” Jeremiah 15:19 NASB and took it to heart.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I saw in this verse a vision of taking the worthless and extracting the precious from it. I could do that. And I have.

I am convinced that there are gifts of one sort or another in everything that goes wrong. There is always something redeemable even when all seems to be conspiring against us.

And yet, at a simple glance, sickness and healing do not agree with each other. Their assignments are different and their values are opposing.

In my pondering I came across this quote,

“In the same way that I resist sin, I should resist sickness.” by Andrew Wommack

Ah, yes, this is it, isn’t it?

I am reminded that Christ coming to earth was and is for the very purpose of a revolution. With Christ comes a deep value of women, with Christ comes an honoring of our fellow man, with Christ comes restructuring of governments and nations, with Christ comes inner healing, and with Christ comes physical healing.

All of these, and more, are revolutions. Life was going one way before, and now it has all changed. Revolutions are upsetting, disturbing, and counter-cultural at best.

Imagine if all our illnesses were healed. Imagine if cancer was eliminated. Imagine if psychosis was bygone. Imagine if …

It takes only a cursory glance to realize that much of our modern society with its jobs and current financial infrastructure is dependent on us remaining sick.

What if healing swept the planet. Then what?

Personally, I know nothing about healing sweeping the planet, but for myself I get it that to embrace healing I’ve got to stop loving sickness so much.

That while there is a time and a place to extract the precious from the worthless, there is also a time and place to simply bid the worthless goodbye, to renounce it, and to claim in its place health and healing and wholeness.

A small revolution for me today. A shift in the wind to be sure.

Come Lord Jesus come with your healing touch. We welcome you.

I give you my sick weeks, laid at the foot of the cross, covered over, swept away, by the power and the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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