Imagine if you will that each random bit of your life is in fact a requisite piece in a grand design. Imagine that there is nothing out of order.

I don’t know about you, but my own experience with the Lord has been that he cares for me immensely, that my provision is in fact ordered by him, and that each small detail of every single week is in fact in his hands.

My own week is shaping up quite differently than I had thought. My youngest daughter has come down with viral meningitis. Thankful that we are at home and not at the hospital, it will still take some days and so I’m clearing my week of all previous commitments.

Thankfully, this week wasn’t too full with appointments and such. Yet there is one primary commitment that will be compromised in grand fashion.

At CCI we have been experimenting with a monthly gathering and evening of food and speaking (ie: me) for a few months now. While all things take some time to grow it has become apparent that these evenings are not really the thing to be about.

We’ve had some good times, no doubt about that, but it’s become apparent to let them go. While I’ve had this sense for two months now we wanted to finish well, and so this week would have seen our last gathering.

And here, now, I am unable to attend.

And I see the hand of God at play once more. If nothing else I’ve learned over the years that God is continually fine-tuning and orchestrating our lives.

Years ago as a young mom when I needed something the Lord would bring it to me through another, when I was exhausted my husband would all of a sudden have a day off. More recently, when I particularly need to write I’ll have clients calling and cancelling.

This week, as our planned event (and a few other things as well), is swept off the table, I can sense God’s declaration and guiding – he knows after all exactly what is to be, and what is not to be.

And so, as my daughter and I are camped in the living room for a sick week, I’m resting in the Lord’s orchestrating of my life. It is all in perfect tune, and I’m enjoying its music.

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