Jesus and Norwex

I’ve always hated cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. The cleaners that we traditionally use have such strong chemicals that my body usually itches like nuts after using them.

I was therefore thrilled to learn about a product called Norwex that produces cleaning cloths with antibacterial agent actually embedded inside the tiny microfibre.

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It All Comes Down to Trust

We have confidence when we can trust ourselves.

What do you do well? Where do you volunteer your expertise and on what basis do you put yourself forth?

How do you know that you can make a difference in that area?

I suggest it comes down to trust. You’ve stayed true to your word for years now, you show up when you say you will, you complete tasks on time, and the quality of your work is something you can be proud of.

You’ve built up a track record with yourself. And it shows. Confidence comes through.

To increase confidence, increase your track record with yourself and others.

Grow in integrity. Do what you say. Show up on time.

Confidence flows out of the person who has mastered simple skills and common sense, day after day, year after year. Consistency counts!

Sloppiness doesn’t hurt other people, it hurts you. Refuse to cut corners.

Your biggest client is watching – YOU.

Give yourself the gift of confidence. Be the kind of person you can trust.

This Way is Life

Many years ago during a particularly difficult financial time I had a choice to make.

We had been living on very little, almost nothing, for some months. I had five young children and little to feed them. While I managed the best I could, the extreme deprivation was in fact making defeating inroads to my psyche and my perspective on the world.

I could feel a narrowing and a pinching of my heart and mind – a catch and grasp mentality was setting in.

We’d been living in a rural setting for some time and then moved to a house in the suburbs. With many other homes around us, with numerous kids now coming to play with my kids, I came face to face with my inner demons.

The question came down to apple slices, and who did I know God to be.

You see, with the neighbor children often over I had a choice to make. Would I share an apple with these new friends, or would I not?

For months on end with our fridge was next to empty, the cupboards mostly bare, with our food coming from leftovers of a nearby church, I was loath to share an apple with neighborhood children.

Before this time of poverty I would have shared an apple, and more, without a second’s hesitation. But after the difficulty had wormed its way through my heart I was finding this simple thing nearly impossible.

But I had a choice to make and it wasn’t so much about an apple, it was about my heart and the way I wanted to be in the world.

I could either choose to remain narrow and pinched, agreeing with the assignments of the enemy on our lives.

Or I could choose to share an apple out of faith and trust in a God who is bigger than I. I could agree with heaven or with hell. The choice was mine.

I chose to share apples.

Even though we barely had any, and what we did have could be gone tomorrow, I knew I wanted to live from who I knew God to be, not what my cupboards told me.

And that fearful, pinched place in my spirit was more scary than hunger had ever been.

Choosing to share apple slices with our little visitors began the shifting and the changing of direction that we all needed.

The pinched and narrow, suspicious and fearful, began to fall off like scales from my heart and mind and spirit.

That choice to walk in generosity and trust began its work of broadening my eyesight, expanding my reach, and creating a new path of life out of what had become destruction.

The choice is always ours. Either we live out of who we know God to be, or we live our lives out of our own circumstances and narrow perspectives.

One leads to life, the other doesn’t.

Which do you choose today?

All in God’s Hands

Imagine if you will that each random bit of your life is in fact a requisite piece in a grand design. Imagine that there is nothing out of order.

I don’t know about you, but my own experience with the Lord has been that he cares for me immensely, that my provision is in fact ordered by him, and that each small detail of every single week is in fact in his hands.

My own week is shaping up quite differently than I had thought. My youngest daughter has come down with viral meningitis. Thankful that we are at home and not at the hospital, it will still take some days and so I’m clearing my week of all previous commitments.

Thankfully, this week wasn’t too full with appointments and such. Yet there is one primary commitment that will be compromised in grand fashion.

At CCI we have been experimenting with a monthly gathering and evening of food and speaking (ie: me) for a few months now. While all things take some time to grow it has become apparent that these evenings are not really the thing to be about.

We’ve had some good times, no doubt about that, but it’s become apparent to let them go. While I’ve had this sense for two months now we wanted to finish well, and so this week would have seen our last gathering.

And here, now, I am unable to attend.

And I see the hand of God at play once more. If nothing else I’ve learned over the years that God is continually fine-tuning and orchestrating our lives.

Years ago as a young mom when I needed something the Lord would bring it to me through another, when I was exhausted my husband would all of a sudden have a day off. More recently, when I particularly need to write I’ll have clients calling and cancelling.

This week, as our planned event (and a few other things as well), is swept off the table, I can sense God’s declaration and guiding – he knows after all exactly what is to be, and what is not to be.

And so, as my daughter and I are camped in the living room for a sick week, I’m resting in the Lord’s orchestrating of my life. It is all in perfect tune, and I’m enjoying its music.