I’ve always hated cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. The cleaners that we traditionally use have such strong chemicals that my body usually itches like nuts after using them.

I was therefore thrilled to learn about a product called Norwex that produces cleaning cloths with antibacterial agent actually embedded inside the tiny microfibre.

In short, the tiny microfibre traps bacteria, cleaning effectively and efficiently (it is truly amazing!), and the silver acts as a natural antibacterial agent, virtually eliminating the need for traditional cleaners.

How amazing it is to clean a bathroom without the harsh after-effects of toxic chemicals!

But of course, we have been trained to use cleaners. We have put our trust in smelly, piney, strong, itch-inducing, toxic cleaners.  If it doesn’t smell strong we don’t think it is clean.

And because we have been trained to only know something is clean when we use smelly, toxic, products it is hard to believe that something might be clean when only using a norwex cloth.

In short, to use a norwex cloth one must 1). know the science behind them, but then 2). trust the science.

This is a little like Jesus.

Jesus died on a cross to free us from sin and fear and destruction and chaos and condemnation (and religion I might add). He has done all the work (justification) and is accomplishing this work in our life (sanctification).

All of it. Done. Nada left. Zip. Period.

Many of us know this. We understand the theology behind him.

But we may not be trusting him. Many of us are using Jesus with a little bit (or a lot) of our own self effort.

Just like norwex cloths it all sounds a little bit too good to be true.

Now, to use a norwex cloth with a cleaning product is to render null and void the effect of the natural antibacterial silver in the cloth. You may as well be using a regular cloth.


It’s the same with Jesus. If you are going to add in self-effort and good works and trying harder and continued sacrifice, you may as well go to some other religion. There are plenty to be had.

Pick your god, plan your sacrifice, figure out which kind of building you will worship in, continue on with your condemnations and shame, plan your remorse, flog yourself.

Norwex cloths. Trust the science.

Jesus Christ. Trust him.

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