We have confidence when we can trust ourselves.

What do you do well? Where do you volunteer your expertise and on what basis do you put yourself forth?

How do you know that you can make a difference in that area?

I suggest it comes down to trust. You’ve stayed true to your word for years now, you show up when you say you will, you complete tasks on time, and the quality of your work is something you can be proud of.

You’ve built up a track record with yourself. And it shows. Confidence comes through.

To increase confidence, increase your track record with yourself and others.

Grow in integrity. Do what you say. Show up on time.

Confidence flows out of the person who has mastered simple skills and common sense, day after day, year after year. Consistency counts!

Sloppiness doesn’t hurt other people, it hurts you. Refuse to cut corners.

Your biggest client is watching – YOU.

Give yourself the gift of confidence. Be the kind of person you can trust.

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