I think back to the beginning of Capturing Courage International, how I had been waiting on the timing of the Lord, had been wondering ‘When?’ eagerly looking forward, and that once it was time how everything began just falling into place.

The launch of CCI overseas was the exact same. I knew it was coming, but couldn’t foresee how. Then all of a sudden we were there, on the cusp, the time had come. And once more everything just fell into place and has taken off at top speed since.

All my efforts prior to the right timing couldn’t make a thing happen no matter what I did, and any efforts to stop the tide wouldn’t do a thing after.

I recall a story I heard of a woman looking for a job. She was the primary bread-winner in her home and so it was with much anxiety and frantic work that she canvassed and called and pursued job after job, month after month, until one day, it all fell into place. The exact right job.

Hearing the story I was struck with those months of anxiety and frantic search, and I wondered if she might have done it differently. If she had known that a job, the perfect job, would come at such-and-such a time, might she have been able to be a different kind of person in the waiting.

Perhaps the months could have passed with little to no anxiety, maybe her time might have been spent differently, in a different kind of preparation and readiness.

I myself am once again waiting on something, have been for some time actually. There have been all sorts of prophecies and confirmations about this thing for which I am waiting, but of course it is not yet here.

For months now I’ve been working and striving and conniving and projecting how my efforts might make this thing come about sooner. And I’ve been rebuked, ‘Stop it Cyndy’ the Lord has said to me.

If this thing is anything like my other experiences of waiting on something, then there is nothing I can do to make it come about any sooner, and there will be nothing I could do to stem the tide once it is here, once it is time.

So why don’t I just relax. Why don’t I trust the timing of the Lord. Perhaps the effort and preparation and production, that we humans feel we must do, could be put to better use. And maybe, just maybe, the waiting needn’t have any hint of anxiety or fear.

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