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CCIM is hosting an Information Weekend for those of you who are potentially interested in working alongside CCIM as we  minister in many places and countries.


Changed by Uganda and the Lord

I’ve been personally challenged and changed during my time in Uganda. Three months is plenty of time to hear the heart and requests of many people to go to the next level of presence and ministry within the country.

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Maybe, Just Maybe, There is More

It is most difficult to bring Christians to the cross of Christ. We are familiar with the sinner’s prayer and from long years past have come to great comfort with solid understanding and knowledge; paradigms are established and lenses are polished to a sheen.

We’ve drawn near to God in comfortable distance and see no need to tamper with this. Our boundaries are secure, “Yes, this near, but no closer please.” We think that the amount of the Holy Spirit that we have right now is good enough, “No more Lord. I’m good.”

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Obedience is the Hinge Upon Which All Doors Turn

It is an amazing thing to walk with the Living God.

If you have been following me at all you know I am in a few weeks of intentional resting; to help in that endeavour I am now sick these last few days!

Yet things just keep coming together; movement and leading and critical pieces coming into play at CCIM are carrying on regardless.

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Some Fresh Teaching And Prayer Sessions for Those Who Want

“I am stronger than I was before. I am not responding the way I once did. My reactions are more tempered and I am not triggered as I once was. It is a soft kind of change, not dramatic but constant and there each day.”

This is the kind of testimony from those with whom I walk alongside as prayer minister. It is something I’ve been doing for many years now and blessing and being blessed the same as ever.

I’ve found prayer to be a way of being rather than something I do.

Requests that flood in I carry in my being and as I sit before the Lord so too do these requests naturally and fluidly.

Leading others in healing prayers are the most amazing thing of all. To witness change and freedom from the inner core of a person, and to hear and see that change translate into practical freedoms in every day life, well, there is just nothing quite like it.

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Go, Eat with Joy

It was a few years ago. I was at Missions Fest here in Vancouver, an annual trade-fair of sorts for missions and Christian organizations. I’d been wandering the hall where dozens and dozens of booths were showcasing the multiple opportunities for global outreach and ministry.

At one booth (I can’t remember now which organization it was) they were asking people passing by to quote them a Bible verse. As I stood face to face with this young man, a number of Bible verses flashing through my mind, I quickly settled on this one and quoted it for him,

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