It is an amazing thing to walk with the Living God.

If you have been following me at all you know I am in a few weeks of intentional resting; to help in that endeavour I am now sick these last few days!

Yet things just keep coming together; movement and leading and critical pieces coming into play at CCIM are carrying on regardless.

Last week I was bringing my stress, this nagging conscientiousness that has been there since my elementary days whereby I think that what is not right is my fault and I must figure out what to do about it, to the Lord.

He asked me, “Cyndy, as you look back has any of this (CCI Ministry) been because of your doing?”

To which I sheepishly replied, “No.” And to which God so graciously yet clearly pointed out “So, to make it plain, the future will not be by your hand either.”

It was nearly three years ago that the Lord instructed me to rest. Since that time I’ve been slowly, sometimes very slowly, coming to understand and to enter into His rest.

I’m still getting it, yet I’ve come to understand that it is only as I rest in Him that things come together.

This pride that keeps us at the centre of things must simply be done away with. Entering into the work of the Lord requires that we put down our self-effort at the cross of Jesus Christ confessing it as the sin that it is.

It will, after all, only stand between us and the things of God.

There are many things about this journey that I have not understood. Things that the Lord has led us in that we’ve simply followed and obeyed yet not knowing or seeing the bigger picture.

Yet clarity about the why’s are starting to pour in; my own comprehension about what the Lord is up to and the requirements for the future to come are slowly being unfolded before me.

It is an amazing thing to be given understanding, yet I find that understanding only comes after obedience.

Pride, after all, blinds us. The only solution to pride is heart-stopping risks of obedience.

Where does the Lord want your obedience today?

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