Some Fresh Teaching And Prayer Sessions for Those Who Want

“I am stronger than I was before. I am not responding the way I once did. My reactions are more tempered and I am not triggered as I once was. It is a soft kind of change, not dramatic but constant and there each day.”

This is the kind of testimony from those with whom I walk alongside as prayer minister. It is something I’ve been doing for many years now and blessing and being blessed the same as ever.

I’ve found prayer to be a way of being rather than something I do.

Requests that flood in I carry in my being and as I sit before the Lord so too do these requests naturally and fluidly.

Leading others in healing prayers are the most amazing thing of all. To witness change and freedom from the inner core of a person, and to hear and see that change translate into practical freedoms in every day life, well, there is just nothing quite like it.

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The Power of Your Journey

Each one of us has a journey. Each one of us has parts of our journey’s that we would rather leave behind, with pain and shame and regret woven through. How do we overcome these things? Can we move forward and on what basis?

Do you know the value of your journey?

Have you found the gift of your journey?


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How Do We Change?

In our man-made religions it is easy to believe that change comes about from our own efforts.

We try this, we loose off that, we struggle here, we add habits, we work and strive and concentrate until we are exhausted and weary and beaten up.

This is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While self effort may be good for our outer bodies it has no impact whatsoever on the core of who we are.

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Strong Comfort

Comfort is found in the familiar. As I sit on my own couch today, enjoying the feel of the cushions I am instantly comforted by its familiarity.

As I journey to other countries I find comfort in the familiar that the Lord sets up for me and in the rhythm that I’ve set up for myself.

For instance, when I took my first step out of the plane and onto Uganda soil the the air smelled like the mid-west prairies where we would vacation when I was a child. I cannot tell you the thrill this was to me, there was immediate comfort and familiarity even in a foreign land.

Being an introspective person there is comfort in contemplation and this I can do anywhere. There is comfort in the presence of the Lord and when I travel he goes before me, with me, and behind me. I find comfort is writing and journaling, habits of pondering and prayer.

I’ll jump right to the conclusion. What I’ve found is that our comfort can be built into static immovable objects, possessions, routines, or our comfort can be created within our own being as we grow relationship with self and God and others.

The one keeps us tied to one place and thus fragile when away while the other is flexible and ensures that anywhere we go can feel like home.

Resilience is built as we build homes and the comforts found there inside our own beings, then as we take us anywhere home follows, comforts are not lacking, and we are simply able to do more and serve others with less concern for self.

It’s simply a freer way to live.

Simply put, create habits of comfort inside yourself and your strength will be increased.

A Glad Heart

It is each of our responsibilities to nurture a glad heart within ourselves.

A glad heart is a barometer and its also a buffer.

A glad heart tells us when we are being true to ourselves or when we are not.

A glad heart is the oil of life that makes living sweet.

Without a glad heart we become brittle and even caustic.

Without a glad heart our words and our manner no longer bless others and our favour on earth becomes lost.

Everything begins to dry up and atrophy.

We want glad hearts.

We must nurture glad hearts.

First in ourselves, then in others.

This begins with the simple question, “What makes me glad?”

By what am I refreshed? Where do I find joy? How am I delighted?

Make your list – seriously.

Nurturing a glad heart requires a commitment on the one who owns the heart and it requires intentionality to care for said heart.

It’s not something you can be without this year.

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Peace is a powerful thing. Rather than a passive, as some would think it, lack of action peace requires intention and application.

Peace renders chaos and terror null and void. Peace removes authority unto destruction. Peace calms the storms and our hearts.

I’ve lived in places that contain a spirit of fear, peace removes this.

I’ve known relationships intent on chaos, peace calms this.

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Three Days Only

Next week, for three days I’ll be making myself available for complimentary coaching, consulting or prayer ministry sessions.

  • Coaching – If you want to reach to that next level but you are not sure how
  • Consulting – If you are requesting expertise and advice taken from my own experience and journey
  • Prayer Session – If you need someone to lead you into deeper freedom through prayer

I am making these sessions available to 12 individuals on a first come, first served basis.

  • Wednesday, January 15th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Thursday, January 16th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm – PST
  • Friday, January 17th, room for 4 sessions; 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm – PST

Each session will be for one-hour.

Again, this opportunity is on a first come first served basis so if you are interested please contact me below and let me know:

1. What kind of session you would like, coaching, consulting, or prayer

2. Best day and time for a session

3. Second best day and time for a session

4. And a brief summary of what kind of help you are looking for; what do you want to go away with. 

I look forward to speaking with and serving you.

NOTE: All sessions are kept in the strictest confidence.