P1410342I began my day with some painting. Early mornings, before the sun begins to rise, are sweet times of introspection, journaling, prayer and the like.

Today I pulled out my art journal and the acrylics. I have been asking the Lord lately to tell me more about the kingdom of God. And so as I got out of bed there was simply a desire to paint the kingdom of God.

Really, to catch the emotions and the grandeur and the heart of God within it.

As I painted I felt the joy and then also the futility. There was no way I was going to catch the Kingdom of God in acrylics. I couldn’t make big enough brush strokes. Couldn’t find my stride or my swing.

All my motions felt small and constrained.

I remembered back to my first times public speaking and how I felt so expressive from the inside out, but from the witness of dvd recording realized I was small and tight in my movements.

While I’ve felt bold from the inside out, my external repertoire is rather contained and held in check.

(Perhaps I just have more going on beneath the surface).

So, as I began filling in detail, adding in purple between the blues, the Lord began to speak to me. He assured me that the details and the small strokes are just as important as big strokes.

That in the Kingdom of God the careful and the particular, the detailed and precise intention, is also needed.

I’m glad.

The Kingdom of God has room for all of us. Is made up of all of us. May we simply bring ourselves to the table and partake with one another alongside the lamb.

Amen and amen.

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