Spring Beauty

Invest in Beauty

Invest in something beautiful. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to bring joy to your soul. It may be simple or it may be intricate. It may be old or it may be new. It may be striking or it may be humble. It may cost it may be free. Whatever the case, invest in it, make it your own.

Put it somewhere to remind you. Let it shine forth your own special light. Allow it to bring you gladness. To hold you up when you are feeling low. Beauty does this.

Make a way, figure it out, choose that one piece of beauty that reminds you that you are made for gladness. One of the first things we give over in difficulty is beauty, don’t do this. Reclaim beauty in some way.

When life is tough we need one special something that will gladden our eye and make its way to our heart. What might this be for you?

One day, you won’t need beauty in a thing for you will be making beauty once more.

A Road Worth Travelling

If you are a woman, you are beautiful. There is not a woman alive who does not carry the stunning beauty, a unique reflection of God.

But there are many who have tried to skirt around this, avoid it, deny it, destroy it even.

Who has tried to destroy your beauty?

Others maybe. Yourself perhaps. Most likely both.

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December Beauty

The Power of Prayer – Practical Gifts from Jesus to Others

It was such a great week this last week. I’m still trying to put words to it all. Years back as the Lord was telling me of the work to come I would think ‘pray for many people’ and be completely overwhelmed. And even on my previous ministry trips I’ve had a love / hate relationship with prayer. I’m called to pray, but I don’t want to be the only one praying, others can pray, on and on and on the thoughts rattled in my head and heart.

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What I Would Say to My 20-Year Self

“It’s going to be okay. Even though many things are not okay, everything is okay. You are going to go through some rough times but you will come through with joy and peace. God will do this in and through you.

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Gardening Refreshes Us

The weather has been nice these last few days on the west coast of Canada and I took advantage of this nice weather to do a bit of gardening. The flower beds needed some cleaning up and it is my habit to add some good layers of mushroom manure as a top-dressing. This keeps the weeds down, the moisture in, and feeds the perennial plants the nutrients they need. In addition to this the top-dressing makes the beds look spick and span, pleasing to the eye.

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