My journey of ministering to men has been an interesting one to say the least.

It was during my journey of dealing with, healing through, and recovering from sexual abuse that my heart found the Lord’s compassion for men.

While it was difficult, it was not impossible for me to forgive my perpetrators. On the other hand, I came to see how difficult it would be to be a perpetrator and to find freedom and healing.

In the depths of our hearts, victims can always recover easier than perpetrators.

Into this space, as I forgave those who abused me, I felt God’s heart for them. I came to see that Jesus died for my own sins yes, but he also died for the sins done against me.

This means, that he died for my perpetrators. Just as much as me.

Since that time, and in the ease of a journey that continues to bloom and just get better every year, this compassion for men has not subsided, it has in fact increased.

Now, not every man is a perpetrator by any means. But every man does carry a mind-set that is against him, until he is proven innocent. So it seems.

While I’ve experienced much emotional and psychological abuse from (a very few men), I’ve also experience profound honor and blessing and healing from many more men.

I am convinced that as men and women we cannot find full healing outside of the context of each other.

As opposite sexes have profound opportunity to better this world just by honoring and celebrating those who are wired differently than us.

It’s one of the reasons why my own Ministry of Prayer is with men. It is a delight to honor them and a profound privilege to raise them up, to maintain a level of value and immense worth over their lives.

Thanks fellows. You bless me immensely.

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