Who are the hero’s in your story? If you skip back along the time-frame of your life, who stands out?

And what was it that made such an impact?

How did they act, what was the gift, and in what spirit was it given?

Have you thanked them lately?

One Day at a Time

We can only do one day at a time.

It has been said that those with regrets are living in the past, those with anxiety are living in the future, and that peace is the hallmark of those in the present.

Center yourself into today. Right here. Right now.

What is around you at this moment? Who is nearby? How are you feeling right this minute?

Relax, center, breath deep, and give thanks.

One day at a time brings delight and strength and resilience.

We really can’t afford any other way.


When a week of hard work is accomplished, how do you celebrate?

What little (or big) response do you give yourself?

Affirmation and celebration never hurts. Ever.

How might you express your gladness today?


What are you thankful for today?

Gratitude grounds us in strength and motivates us forward.

Make habits of gratitude each and every day.

  • Five things you loved today
  • Three things you are expecting tomorrow
  • Two people who blessed you this week

Gratitude stretches our hearts and eases in happy expectations.

The rest begins to fall into place.


The journey’s of our lives are well planned sequences of growth and development.

How much of your life can you reflect on and see the ebb and flow as a valuable journey that has contributed to your inner strength?

While we don’t understand it all, and some of it certainly don’t like, if we take a step back, open up the lens on our life, we will see that it is not quite so random as we might have thought.

Embracing the journey past, enables us to embrace the journey forward; trusting the process of our days frees us to relish in the process of our days.