Beauty and Creativity in Re-Discovering Joy

Perhaps you have lost your joy. The tasks about you may seem to be never-ending. You’ve been at this for some time now. It is hard to catch one’s breath.

The recipe for re-finding joy is a surprising one. It is not so much about stretching and reaching, grasping or holding, but about releasing, pausing, creating, investing – gentle manners of heart and soul. A relinquishing rather than a hoarding. A surrender.

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December Beauty

Live a Solution

To become part of the solution for a people or place we must identify with the very ones we are wanting to help. To pray solutions for a particular difficulty or stronghold we must identify with the trouble at hand.

To identify is to come into identity with.

The problem is that we like to stand back and throw suggestions into the trouble. But this only creates greater divide, it rarely accomplishes anything.

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