We Shall Just Have to Wait and See

I’m nearly a week in to a sabbatical of sorts. For the better part of April I am stepping back from the intense reading and writing schedule that I was on. While I’m still keeping with my Monday to Friday’s Teaching People How to Pray posts, and while my social media presence has not been much interrupted, behind the scenes I’ve been resting more, working less, with more hours than usual just silent before the Lord unloading all my doubts and fears and insecurities to Him.

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Intimacy with God

It is in the quiet of our hearts where we enter into intimacy with God. When there is noise we cannot hear so well.

Our hearts ‘noise’ comes in the form of lies, fears, and judgments.

Lies get in the way of hearing God and of experiencing God because they scream loud. Very loud.

Think about condemning phrases over your life, the self-talk that came from long ago, the beliefs about your worth or the character of God that stand in the way of intimacy.

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