A 20-Year Game Plan

When I was in India I prayed for a lot of people. I’ve learned the healing prayer model from Impact Nations. It is pretty easy.

  1. Can I pray for you today?
  2. Where is your pain?
  3. On a scale of 1 – 10 how bed is the pain?
  4. May I touch (your shoulder, or where the pain is)?
  5. “I declare that all pain in the shoulder must go right now in the name of Jesus”
  6. How is your pain now?
  7. Oh, it is a 4 out of 10 instead of (previous answer).
  8. Okay, let’s pray again
  9. “I declare that all pain in the should must go right now in the name of Jesus”

Most times, pain is gone completely. Movement is restored. Strength returns.

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I’ve been involved in revival for a long time although for many of those years I missed naming it for what it was. You see, I once believed that revival is marked by a loud, exuberant, ra-ra, experience in the Lord, yet I’ve come to find that revival is a deep, quiet work of the Lord way down inside us. Often times this deep revival results in a move of the Spirit over us that brings in greater silence; we are simply in awe before our Lord, humbled and quiet in Him.

In cultures and settings where loud and exuberant is the norm, when the Lord moves people to silence I know that revival is happening. When prayer clients are brought to sober reality and silence before the Lord I know revival is happening.

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