“I Never Said You Could Go!”

This lovely lady is married to Henry. I have been hosted at their home a couple of times. They are in Uganda in the greater Pallisa region. Each time being there we have had CCIM Teacher Training with some fifty folks and pastors in attendance.

Here is another pic from one of our times there:


What tickles me pink the most is the morning I was to be heading off and away to another pastor and conference in another district.

It is never a good idea to arrange the schedule so that I must get up, prep for the day, eat breakfast and visit, and then head off trying to be timely as I arrive in another location.

This time was the same!

I had wakened early per usual and was ready and dressed and my bag packed in plenty of time for breakfast and to leave as needed.

In good responsible and efficient form I took by packed bag out the front door of their home and set it beside the front of the house, ready to be loaded onto our transport once it was time to leave.

This lovely lady (and oh I cannot recall her name!), sees my bag outside her home and exclaims, “I HAVE NOT GIVEN YOU PERMISSION TO GO YET!” and heaves the bag back into her home.

I love this memory.

The biggest problem we have at CCIM is that no one ever wants us to go. The invites and welcomes and open doors are precious, deep, and true. What an amazing thing.

We continue to collaborate and fellowship with Henry and his wife. He along with another is teaching our CCIM College Course to a number of classes. Moses, our CCIM College Co-Ordinator in East Africa was with Henry and his family just a few months ago.

One day I will get back there myself. And next time I won’t arrange the schedule in such a way that I must take off in the morning!

Here is one more pic from my days there:


Nearly 100 children had come across the small valley from the nearby school to say Hi. so we interrupted the session to step outside and give each a handshake and a greeting. This is one of my favourite things to do; we love children and delight to honour them.

Thanks for listening to my story about Henry’s wife and the day I was barely allowed to leave! It is one of my favourites.

By the way, I have some videos with some of my favourite stories. You may enjoy this one:


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Doing it Right

If you are doing it right, the things you are about are way bigger than you. Risking forward you have found yourself out beyond your depth. Not too far beyond, but enough to remind you of your humanness and your frailty on a daily basis.

In this your strength is increasing, your muscles are developing, your savvy is being fine-tuned, your wisdoms are coming into their own, strategy is grounding you, yet, out of your depth you will feel your weakness. This, is exactly right and okay. For here, in the smack-dab-middle of something much bigger than you is where the magic happens.

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