In order to go forward in an increasing strength of our Lord it is imperative that we take time to sit before the Lord asking, “What might I bring to the cross today?” As we do this the Holy Spirit reveals, convicts, gives us the gift of repentance (a change of heart and mind), and through this enters us into deep refreshment and renewed vision and clarity in Him; we are freed unto deeper impact.

Perhaps your organization or congregation have been doing good work but have reached a plateau that you are not sure how to get beyond. Maybe a passivity is settling into your ministry or perhaps there are walls and roadblocks you are just not able to get around. It might even feel that the enemy has specific and tangible assignments against the work of the Lord within and through you and your people.

Quite frankly, without the continued and direct intervention of the Lord in our lives and beings we tend to run on same-old scripts, which cannot contain the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit.

All it takes to set these things right, is to engage facilitated encounters with the Lord. Together we seek His truth and it’s application for us at any given time, together we bring weights and stronghold to the foot of the cross, and together we receive fresh grace and ease of the Lord. We are encouraged, strengthened, with hope renewed.

Internationally facilitating the heart of God, I am available for your gatherings, conferences, congregations, missions and ministry teams.

As a ministry team you may want this for yourself or you may want to host this for others. Either way I am delighted to stand alongside bringing my own strength and anointing next to yours for the continued growth and healing of all. I suggest you contact me via the form below for any further questions and to set up a phone interview by which we can find out how the Lord might be leading us to minister alongside each other.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a few of the more common themes that the Lord brings through me as I minister, perhaps one or two of these sounds like just the thing you are looking for. Be blessed today and I look forward to hearing from you and potentially working alongside you.

♦ Hope and Encouragement to Your Audience: 

Harnessing Your Life Forward – Coming into the work of the Lord we often leave behind the messy and shame based parts of our experience. This leaves only a portion of our lives available for the Lord to use. Yet His most profound influence through you is by taking the messy parts, renouncing the shame, and harnessing all of our lives for Him.

Sulha – There is an ancient middle-eastern tradition of peace and reconciliation called Sulha. And once we understand this tradition and the context in which the scriptures were written, we see that Sulha is all through scripture. Together, we unpack the wisdoms of this tradition and see how it might be applied to the restoration of life and community.

♦ Training to your Ministry Team:

The Discipline of Coming on the Inside – Ministering from the inside out takes unique humility and particular focus. It also opens doors like nothing else and ushers us into fellowship we’ve only dreamt of. Principles and directives from Jesus himself as taken from Luke 10 show us the way. It is a challenge to individuals, teams and church bodies.

The Power of Receiving from Others – Within the Christian community we are very good at giving. We are not very good at receiving. Yet effective partnership, covenant relationships, authentic conversation and collaborative visioning requires that we lead forward by receiving. It’s really a conversation about how to put aside pretence and enter into the manner of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Basis for Spiritual Authority – We have the techniques of the Spirit, the expectations of our God, the sacrifice of The Son, but theology alone will not accomplish the work of our Lord. None of our well-framed understandings will bring us into relationship necessary to wield the heart of our King. Perhaps we need a fresh encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

♦ The Heart of God to Your Congregation:

Advancing Forward in the Kingdom, Lessons From Daniel – Leadership, opportunity, influence is simply a by-product of orienting ourselves to The King of Kings. We learn from Daniel tried and true parameters for become trustworthy vessels for our Lord, true partners in the Kingdom, and co-heirs to the power of God.

Three Keys to Revival – I once heard Ryan LeStrange say that it is Hunger for More of God, Repentance and Humility, and Religious Strongholds Gone, that are the forerunners to revival. This immediately resonated in my own spirit and since that time we have realized at Capturing Courage International Ministries that out of this a strong weave of prayerful principles, first for ourselves and then for others, takes hold and makes a way in our lives, communities, and nations. It’s a fantastic conversation.