You have things you are reaching for. Next skills and manner in the world that are now necessary for your future. Who we are today is not who we need to be tomorrow.

This is the beauty of coaching. Coaching takes your strengths and amplifies and adds to them for your tomorrow.

You’ve already attained a solid way in the world. Coaching brings further clarification, intention, attention, and helps you move the action forward in your own life.

Wholehearted Coaching is for those expanding their space in the world.

Taking on roles and responsibilities that are bigger than us, require, demand even, that we come with bigger hearts, better thinking, and with fine-tuned expectations, plans, and goals.

It requires that our resistance is low, we’ve worked through double-binds and put to rest a divided heart and mind. Big things require that our ego needs have been attended to and thereby, no longer get in the way.

Big opportunities carry with them a flavour of the romantic and the sublime. But anyone who walks in big responsibilities know, it’s a lot of hard work in the midst of the privilege and the honour.

Between the step from here to there, coaching keeps us steady even as we reach for more; ambition is harnessed and supported and coaching gets you where you want to be with beauty and grace.

Go from strength to strength with coaching on your side.

I am a specialist at seeing what is below the surface of our lives. As we attend to the ‘apps’ running in the background of your life,  waves of energy and focus are released. Emotional intelligence is increased, courage is built upon, wholeheartedness creates a vitalization that spurs you forward.

Contact Me Today and let’s discuss the best rhythm and a plan for coaching that will harness you into your own next big things.