Moving forward in anything, we want to take things a step at a time.

We are prone to either rushing ahead of things, or lagging behind, while the perfect middle is often the exactly prescribed course of action.

Timing is everything. And while our minds can establish and calculate when to move, how and why, it is our guts that truly know the way.

While important to plan and to strategize (and these are very important), it is just as important to hold those plans loosely. To allow our senses to shift or move our plans as need be.

It isn’t the plan that changes, but the navigation of the plan.

Holding our plans too tightly makes for static realities, and of course, reality is never static.

So we set the goal, we mark the end-line, and then we run on our gut in terms of the day to day navigation, rhythm and flow of our plan.

We don’t have to have it all figured out before we head out. We simply need to know where we are getting to, and the journey will guide us on our way.

Trusting our guts, trusting our intuition as we move forward, results in execution of goals and projects and plans like we never would have imagined.

The experience becomes richer than we could have figured, and the end result more satisfying.

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