If you are looking to gain traction with an idea or a goal there are a few things you must do.

1. Keep at it. Remember that the dark part of the night is always right before the dawn. You don’t want to back off from a project right before it takes off.

2. Keep telling the story. If others don’t know what you are about that is your fault. Learn to share the essence of what you are about. And then say it again. Never assume that others get it to the same extent of level that you get it.

3. Keep inviting people into the vision. You can’t get there on your own. While you may be the keeper of the vision you do not have all pieces necessary to singlehandedly bring it about. None of us do. Invite others in.

4. Champion others visions in the midst of your own. Celebrate and see how your vision might bring about the vision that others have. Taking on the passions of others as your own, and of course as they fit with what you are about, will bring synergy and wholeness like you never imagined.

God-Speed to you today

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