May this New Year be a deeper work in all our lives. May we know things we have never known before. May we be touched by God as unimagined. May we give ourselves in service and stretch beyond ourselves – may we find our life in 2013 as we give it away.

A new year brings many expectations and much hope. But that our hope would be for riches deep inside ourselves – a knowledge of God, a perspective larger than we’ve seen before – Most of all, may we be saved from our lives of gluttony and things, may we make beautiful in the world and on behalf of those we’ve not yet met. May our focus be bigger than our homes and our ingrown lives.

The expectations of others as they bind us, may they be cast off. The limitations as imposed may they fail. May our shortsightedness reach its end, and may our worries take a back seat. May our fears become impotent and our daily concerns take their proper place.

May we do with less and thus do more. Might concern with self realize it has no purpose and might we simply live bigger lives.

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