On the downswing of holidays and much activity many of us simply need to debrief with ourselves.

While family and friends and functions are great (and they really are), we need a space of time and silence to offset everything that has been given out.

Take that time.

Over the next few days and with another weekend short at hand, schedule in some ‘you’ time…. with nothing scheduled in it. Here are a few suggestions:

Sit with some tea or coffee for one hour and nothing else – leave your journal aside, put away the book you are working on, turn off the t.v. or radio. Just you and some silence.

Get on public transit and take a trip – don’t take your camera, your music, your phone even. Just you and some fresh movement.

Drive your car to a favorite walk – forget the dog, turn off your phone, don’t invite a friend. Just you and your tennis shoes.

Any which way you cut it, take the challenge to do with less for a time, leave off the accoutrements of life for a short time – You must may find yourself refreshed!


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