You won’t be good at everything. That needs to be established right up front.

If you try to be good at everything you will be expending emotional energy where it need not go.

Even within your particular responsibilities of home and work and influence there will be things that you are not so gifted at.

It is in these areas where we get help. This is in fact how the world runs.

Without the need for help there would be no commerce, there would be no trade and long-story-short you wouldn’t have a job.

Reciprocal needs run the world. So instead of trying to go it on your own, instead of trying to do it all yourself, instead of being the hero on all fronts in your own life, let others help you.

Hire-out for the skills you don’t have. Accept help in the areas you don’t get.

Life will be richer in more ways than one.

What area of your life might you get some help in 2013?

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