The quality of the goals we make determines the output.

While we certainly need to focus on tasks these kinds of goals fall short.

Consider that instead of -wash the car, -write the birthday card, -buy cat food,

Instead of -clean the house, -work in the garden, -paint that room,

We made goals of how we want to be in the world?

For instance:

– Be kind

– Be responsive to the needs of the day

– Take time for self every day

– Stay honest with myself and others

– Do good work

– Refuse to do things that don’t matter

How might ‘being’ goals change the way you do life?

Make your own list over the next few days.

Take an hour at your favorite coffee shop and set yourself down, with pen and paper in hand and write out how you want to be in the world.

The power of this cannot be underestimated.

For once you know how you want to be, nothing and no one and no bad circumstance can ever change that.

Set your intentions for you, and go forward powerful.

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