What are the spaces of time and energy and atmosphere in which you do your best work?

Another way of asking the same thing, what are the things that get in the way of you doing your best work?

For myself I have a hard time writing (fifty percent of my work) when there is upset and conflict in my home.

Knowing this I have a few choices and options.

I can determine the kinds of conflict I engage. I can decide to enter into conflict or not.

Secondly, what are the sources of conflict in my home, and what might I do to shift those touch-points to ensure a better result for all of us?

The work you do is important. In many cases your own life and the lives of others depends on the best you bring to the table.

Without our best we are just going through the motions, and that never really blessed anyone.

Therefore, take your work as important and scribe the rest of your life around it. The rest of your life will be better too.

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