In just the last few weeks I’ve witnessed some half dozen instances of people setting up the leaders around them.

The young girl who demands others to render judgment on a choice she is making.

A middle aged man demanding approval or… something, and when it doesn’t come taking it as outright rejection.

The young man refusing to take a stand unless a leader gives permission.

We could go on and on.

The thing is, no self-respecting leader will allow him or herself to be put into the position of God.

Human lives are holy places, bequeathed by The King of Kings and we dare not tread on others territory.

But until we take full responsibility and assume full authority over our own lives, knowing to whom we will answer one day, we take the easy way out and put others on the spot.

If they respond out of kind, badly and ill-informed, then our bias and suspicions are given voice, we are allowed to wallow in our hatred and speak of the betrayal as wounded souls.

We are off the hook. They are the bad guys after all. Phew!

But none of this is okay. At some point in time we must each of us take our stands and live in the truth of what we believe and in the relationship and freedoms and convictions we have from the Lord.

And when these are real we have no need to sub-serve them to our leaders.

The best leaders after all, are trying to climb off of the pedestals.

Perhaps the rest of us can give them a break by assuming full responsibility for our own choices.

Leaders need all the help they can get – lets stop setting them up. It’s the least we can do.

One thought

  1. Happy Easter

    This is truly for myself one of your best writings for confirmation to live by– I have so often heard–I must ask — to confirm what I should do Been told I trust no one -but will ask– And never heard from some–need to pray–always a leader in some form–

    Cyndy, here on Easter Sunday & I feel, well timed intentionally Praise the Lord for your words thru him Blessings– I am waiting a day or two & will be sharing on my page You in your own quiet way have shown such encouragement to many I for ONE–Thanks–

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