During my inner healing years, there was one particular encounter with Jesus that I will never forget.

I was considering a bad memory where I was the focus of others ill intent.

I invited Jesus into the memory and in one fell swoop he was scooping me up (I was pretty little) and rushing me away from the harm.

As I was looking over his shoulder back to the trouble, I cried out, “What about them?! Aren’t you going to do something about them?!”

To which Jesus replied, “Their ill-will will destroy their hearts well enough, it is your heart I am concerned about.” as he set about healing me.

Today, I think about this every time I see someone carrying out a ‘good deed’ or a worthy rallying cry, but with a bitter, cynical and suspicious heart.

What becomes most important, is not the sin of others, the lies of a society, or even the current state of things, what is most important is the state of the heart.

Are we seeking revenge? Hanging onto grievances? Demanding retaliation?

Then it is our heart that needs the most attention – the sins and lies will destroy those who hang onto them, the more important thing to deal with is your own heart.

One thought

  1. Thank you Dear Heart~ Love the image of Jesus scooping you up into His arms!! Beautiful! Interesting thought… their ‘evil’ will destroy them, but don’t let it destroy you!! Profound!

    Rich blessings as you walk in the calling of speaking truth into the hearts of many that deep healing would take place!

    Holy Lord, You know where Cyndy is vulnerable this day. Send Your myriads of angels to stand guard and protect her. Give her the strength to walk into all that You are calling her to. Wash away all of the ‘stuff’ that sticks to impede and allow her to run the race with endurance. I ask in the mighty name of our Messiah and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

    Love you!

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