Just relax. It may feel a whirlwind of change, but it’s all in good hand. God’s hands.

The places you are going, he’s gone before you.

The losses you are facing, he’s carried them.

The unknown, is really known.

Remember, sit in the moment. This very moment. Give gratitude for now. Feel what you are feeling, and simply surrender it to the foot of the cross.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

You may feel lonely at this time. Change always seems a lonely place.

But you are no more lonely today than you were at the time you felt least lonely.

Sufficiency of life and soul and wisdom has been given you. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Rest in the Lord.

Don’t stuff your reality. That won’t help. Rather, lay it all out on the table. Say what you need to say. Then sit back and let the weight of worry slide from your being.

Invite peace. Allow it to steal into your heart and mind.

Spend some time in gratitude and worship.

Do the same tomorrow, as many times as necessary.

One moment at a time gets us through the most difficult things.

Thanks Lord.

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