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008 compressedThe Bible time and time again speaks about the second or third witness. How when two or more are gathered in the Lords name, that what is asked for is done, (Matthew 18:19). That in matters of law and court, that a second witness is the necessary piece, (2 Corinthians 13:1).

In light of this need for testimony and the importance of a second witness all through scriptures, imagine this:

You are standing. On your right is God and what God says about you. The beautiful, encouraging, affirming, loving words over your life.

On your left side, is Satan and what Satan says about you. The ugly, slanderous, condemning, hateful words about your life.

And in all that God is declaring are the good plans for you, the life he has available, the ministries and influences, the good works, made just for you.

In all that Satan is declaring areā€¦

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