It is easy to believe that to begin or continue or finish something we need something we do not have.

This is rarely the case.

I used to believe this. I used to think, and settle into procrastination, because we didn’t have what I thought we needed to move forward.

But one day I really felt compelled and convicted to just begin with what I had. To go forward with the present resources and giftings and vision.

It was the best thing I have ever learned.

No longer was I waiting, wishing, hoping. Rather, I was seeing all that I did have with fresh eyes. There were things we could lead forward with.

Today, at Capturing Courage this is one of the hallmarks of how we work. We do with what we have.

I learned that we, all of us, have more than we really know. We have more wisdom, more talents, more opportunities than we imagine.

I learned that going forward with what we have reaps good fruit. It doesn’t all have to be fancy or extravagant. Small and simple are often the very best ways to do something.

Doing with what we have also takes us out of procrastination and excuses. If you were to go forward with what you have, what might be the next thing you would do?

Seriously, what might that be?

Investing what we have, brings us to the place of having more. Once we’ve proven ourselves, and have been faithful in a little, we will be entrusted with more.

If you can invest your little you will end up with much to invest. It’s simple math, common sense, and biblical wisdom.

What might you go forth with today? What would it take? How might you break out of the waiting?

Do with what you have.

2 thoughts

  1. Nice post! It is so true that we harvest what we plant…..its true of investing, exercise, education and even our relationship with God.

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