It was an interesting phenomenon. I was laying on the mat under the shade of a tree. We had just a bit earlier arrived in Inhaminga. After a night spent at the train station followed by a six hour train ride I was exhausted. And as I slept I could hear the children playing and running around, calling to each other, and in my half wakefulness I heard a little girl call, ‘Run quick, very quick!” to her playmates.

It took me some time to realize that I had heard these words in English, and yet I knew she had not spoken them in English.

And then I remembered that the night before at the train station as Isabel put one of her wraps on me I heard a nearby woman ask her, “Why are you doing that?” Isabel’s reply was in Portuguese, I could only pick out one word, but the question itself I had heard in English. Here too I was half asleep at the time.

Now the woman could not have asked the question in English, for Isabel would not have been able to understand or answer.

And so it continued. In my final days of our journeying, and as I was half asleep napping here or there, I would hear the talking around me and every now and again would hear it in English. I’m not sure what to attribute this to – has anyone else ever experienced this?

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