I am thoroughly enjoying the cool air of home. Today is overcast and rainy, chilly to the bone… I love it! The only thing I have trouble with in Africa is the heat. And during this past trip I bordered on serious heat and sun exhaustion a number of times. Note to self: when I go to India (cause I believe it is even hotter there), take an umbrella.

It was strange sitting in Heathrow Airport halfway home clueing into the Christmas decorations present, “Oh yeah… Christmas…” It was strange to read a comment on Facebook about Halloween and have my brain slowly trying to make sense of it, “Oh yeah… halloween… that happened while I was gone…”

Ever since I’ve begun international ministry I am pretty much out of sync with seasons, time of year, and generally where I am in the calendar year. It’s like perpetually living in another time zone.

Little things like rain don’t bother me whatsoever anymore. What are a few little drops? I’ve been to Africa and back by myself! What once made sense, doesn’t. What seemed so important, isn’t.

Cyndy bald

There is a freedom to life now that I never used to have. A strength and resilience that can only be found when we place ourselves in situations where things must come together, or fail miserably.

The day a few years back when I shaved my head for a friend was a profound moment. I’ve never been the same. There is something about radical movements of heart and soul and body that deeply change us from the inside out. Literally, nothing has been scary after shaving my head.

I’ve been home from Mozambique now for nearly a week and rambling away, but bottom line, I too am still asking myself, “Who do I want to be in this life?”

The answer to this, we go after that. Such query is a lifetime worth of work and it just keeps getting better the older we get. This I know.

What are you going after? What edges are you taking yourself to? What kind of person do you want to be in this life?

What radical movements of heart and soul and body might you make in the near future?

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