Is God angry or is God compassionate?

Does God come towards us or does God recoil away from us?

Who is the condemner, God or Satan?

Does God punish us for our sins or is sin the punishment?

Is Hell a place of justice that God sends people to, or is it a place of lostness that he saves us from?

Is God watching people and tattling on them to the authorities or is God journeying alongside us?

Does God bring focus to our mistakes and folly or does he cover them over?

Is God smug about our failure or is he broken over it?

Is God looking down upon your life or is he looking at life through your eyes?

Is God understanding or impatient?

Does the general human experience disgust or delight God?

Is God big enough for everything of your life or not?

Does God expect truth or pretence?

What is God calling you to today?

What we believe about God colours everything about how we do life, how we love people, how we go about ministry, the manner in which we live our days, the conversations we have, the expectations we carry, the disillusionments we end up with, and our general state of happiness.

What do you believe about God?

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