We all have disqualifications we’ve been holding up between ourselves and our futures.

For some they are the lies of the past that still overshadow the present and rob from what might be.

For others they are failures and regrets and guilt that just can’t be shaken.

For a few they are the torches of hate we’ve taken on and directed at ourselves.

But what is the same for all when it comes to disqualifications is that we, you and me, are the ones in charge of them.

The only reason there is any disqualification is because you’ve given it permission to be there.

Sure there may have been these bullies years back, there may have been attacks on you that seared your soul, and yes you have most likely failed, but none of these have authority in your life unless you allow them that authority.

I realize these are harsh words and in them I don’t want to diminish the pain and difficulty and the hurt and the harm that many, many encounter on a daily basis.

The stuff we all go through is horrific on so many levels.

Which is exactly why I ask do you want to take it forward with you?

In many ways and through many circumstances we have had these lies whispered into our hearts and minds. During our formative years this or that happened and we made conclusions based on what seemed to make sense at the time. The thing is though, that those conclusions are always short-sighted, incomplete, inaccurate in many ways, and they certainly don’t do us any good going forward.

But we believed them and now we are living them out.

It’s time to put a stick in this bicycle wheel. Time to stop the cycles of lies and pain and disqualifications.

It’s time for you to put down all that is holding you back.

But the difficulty in this is that we are bonded to our conclusions about life. We have even set up our lives to affirm and prove our conclusions. We have relationships that maintain the condemnations we have about ourselves. We hold jobs that confirm our ineptness and less than abilities. We make choices that fit with our view of ourselves and in this we are undermined again and again.

We’ve become the jailer of our own lives.

Now, this is good news. It is good news because if we are the jailers of our own life then we can unlock the door to our cell. If I, for instance, have believed that my words are useless and that I just shouldn’t say anything, I can change my mind about this, I can change my belief about this. I can exchange this lie for the truth.

Now this was in fact one of the lies that I believed. I used to think that my words were useless and that I shouldn’t speak. This was one script that played over in my own heart and mind and it impacted every part of my life for many years. It led to poor relational skills and resulted in my silence over many things for long periods of time.

But some fifteen years ago I was confronted with this lie and the resulting disqualification’s that it brought. It became time to disown this lie and to take on the risk of speaking and of words. Today I make my living with my words. Whether I am speaking, writing or praying words are pretty much all I am about.

Such is the power of breaking the disqualifications over our lives.

All that is required is the courage to imagine our realities differently. All that is required is the courage to do what we’ve always thought we could not do. All that is required is the clarity and conviction to declare a new way for ourselves.

At Capturing Courage we do this through a process called prayer ministry. Alongside each other and in the power of our Lord we become new people with fresh vision and strength.

You have the authority to either hold onto your disqualifications (no one is going to force them from you) or to let go the disqualifications, to renounce them, to break their stronghold over your life and to go on to new things.

As you’ve been reading this what disqualification has been coming to mind?

I challenge you to take that disqualification, those lies, and pray it through using our Healing Prayer Guide. And if you need any help give me a shout, I’d be honoured to stand alongside you as you work through the disqualifications that have held you back.

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