If you are a woman and you find yourself

decorating and redecorating (will one more specific decoration really make your life complete?)

renovating once again (might it do just the way it is?)

shopping for what you don’t need (how many pairs of pants do you need?)

going to school for yet more education (what if you took what you already knew and started there?)

You just may be avoiding your primary purpose in life.

There is nothing like busy work to keep us from the scary core of what we are to be about.

we tell ourselves that we need just this and that to be right.

the kids to be just a bit older.

x number of dollars before we begin.

our friends and mentors to all understand and give the go-ahead.

I know. I’v been there done that.

I get it.

It’s why I am concerned when I see women spending their days in distraction. When houses are too nice. When clothes are too many. When schooling is more than enough.

It raises warning flags in my mind.

I wonder what kind of emptiness is present.

Passion and vision must have their say for when we don’t loose passion and vision within our lives into something bigger than us it takes form for us – through purchases, through paint for our walls, through one more degree to add to our resume, through numerous pairs of shoes and pants and jackets and purses and bags and…

What are we running from that we must run to all of this?

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