And Then There Was Wilson

It was maybe our tenth crusade. We were becoming fairly disenchanted with these endeavours – set up camp with loudspeakers and mic, sing and dance (not us, but others) and then share then gospel as best we could, with perhaps a few responders, maybe, if it was a good day.

This time was little different. The crowd was 90% those from the church and most others hung back around the edges. Personally, I have little patience for such affairs. While in church I can give a great sermon I am never quite sure what to bring to main street village, Uganda.

So this particular day the three of us were groaning our way toward yet another few hours spent trying to entice people to come to Jesus. And then, the day was saved by a most unlikely character. HIs name was Wilson.

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Sulha – Initiatives of Peace Run All Through Scripture and we Find are the Very Foundation of God’s Heart Toward Us

(Re-blogged from Capturing Courage International)

The son had asked for the inheritance from his father and had gone his way. Into the city and to nightclubs he had squandered his father’s wealth and lifetime earnings ending up broke and starving and sharing food alongside pigs at their trough.

Coming to his lowest point and to the end of himself he reasoned that being a servant on his father’s farm would be better than the pig pen where he now was and so he begins the trek home.

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Wrestling Alongside Each Other

I’ve really come to appreciate those who can wrestle things through.

Over the course of my last years I’ve moved in ways, made decisions, stepped into things that have been challenging on a number of different levels for those around me.

Now these things were challenging to myself as well but I did my wrestling and due diligence before the Lord in secret really, just between myself and God is where my wrestling took place, and long before the effects began to show on the surface of my life.

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from Paul Ellis


Guilt is a signal that our lives have been disrupted by sin. It’s a sign that a hurt needs to be healed. The problem is we try to fix the hurt with dead religion. We take our sins and hurts to Dr. Law and he gives us bad medicine. He says, “You are not good enough, you are not doing enough, and you need to try harder.” We swallow his medicine, but the tumor of guilt gets bigger.

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How Do We Change?

In our man-made religions it is easy to believe that change comes about from our own efforts.

We try this, we loose off that, we struggle here, we add habits, we work and strive and concentrate until we are exhausted and weary and beaten up.

This is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While self effort may be good for our outer bodies it has no impact whatsoever on the core of who we are.

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No More Disqualifications

We all have disqualifications we’ve been holding up between ourselves and our futures.

For some they are the lies of the past that still overshadow the present and rob from what might be.

For others they are failures and regrets and guilt that just can’t be shaken.

For a few they are the torches of hate we’ve taken on and directed at ourselves.

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In Sync with the Most High God


When God ordains our way and when we move in sync with him our days fall into place. It is an amazing thing to be in the hands of our living God.

Washed through with his presence we are made strong and bold and wise to meet our days.

Kept in love our courage is born.  

God makes a difference.

Seek him today.