Past – Each church has had a birthing, a growing up, a venturing forth, a coming into one’s own in terms of influence and as a gift to its particular community and calling. And like any individual, each church has gone through its share of condemnations, unmet expectations, disillusioned years, and has absorbed lies and assignments from the enemy unto its confounding. Churches struggle to be free from the effects of sin as much as any individual does.

Present – The good news is that Jesus Christ died on the cross to remove from us, to free us from, the effects of sin and death upon our lives, and this is not only for the individual but also for the corporate expression of his body through the life of a church. Freedom from generational strongholds, bitter-root judgments, inner vows, and unholy soul ties is part of the ministry of Jesus to the church, each church represented in your and my ministry and attendance.

Future – The theology is clear. Whomever might stand up as leader and take full responsibility for the current state of things, this one is given spiritual authority to declare a new way. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ all things are made new.

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