Have You Experienced Trauma and Loss?

For those who have experienced trauma and loss and to whom this world feels unsafe; join this prayer:

“God I come before you today in the name and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I bring to you God my sense of being unsafe.

In my life I have experienced loss and the trauma of that loss. It has been so, so difficult. My heart has broken.

But I know God that loss and trauma and ‘unsafeness’, has never been your heart or intent for my life.

And so today I come bringing all this trouble to you. I forgive you God all this trouble, (I have wondered if you have had it out for me).

I forgive all the interwoven tragedy and sin of this world by which I too have been caught by loss and trauma and a deep sense of lostness, of being unsafe.

Today, I turn to you God. I invite you to make my life a different kind of experience. I say yes and amen to a shift in my heart and spirit, a new awareness of being safe. Not because of the world per se, but because of you. May I hide myself in the folds of your garment and of your heart?

Today, I renounce ‘unsafeness’ and loss and trauma in the name and the blood (ie: life) of our Lord Jesus Christ. I say no more this day! Enough. Enough.

I reach with the strong arm of Jesus, into my past and even into my generations past, and where loss and trauma have had their day, every instance where there has been a profound sense of being unsafe, I touch these places and times with the touch of the true Lord Jesus Christ.

I declare that all these things that have been against me, that have taken advantage of me, and that have deliberately broken me down, must, MUST, submit to the healing touch of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every moment, every loss, every trauma, every hurt and harm, I bring into the life of Jesus today. And I declare the life of Jesus, the healing and wholeness of God, over every single of these times and moments.

All of these things I uproot carefully but completely, with no ill effects, from the fabric of my life in the name and the life of my Lord Jesus Christ.

I unwind the chains of loss and trauma and unsafeness from around my being, declaring every link severed, in the name and the life of the true Lord Jesus Christ. No more!

I declare that all assignments, all curses, and all authority of darkness that has been in and over and through my life because of this loss and trauma and unsafeness must go right now to the place where the true Lord Jesus Christ would have it go. Be done! In the name of Jesus.

I enter into you God. Into your care. Your concern. Your great love for me. God, I trust you, I love you, and I know you to be good. God, be my life.

I remit from my life this day, all the sins, the evil, the tragedies, the losses, and the ‘unsafeness’ that have marked me. May I be marked by you God, instead, by your life and by your son Jesus Christ. Heal me. Restore me. Renew me.

I receive from you God all your great goodness poured in and over and through my life and days, my heart, mind, spirit and body, and to all my family and the generations past, present, and future.

I declare this work for the glory of God alone and for my own future and delight. All mucking of darkness in the midst of this, I say no, in the name of Jesus. It won’t happen.

I receive from you God, safety. May I know that I am safe in you. I enter into safety because you God, love me. Yes Jesus, be my safety and my peace and my joy this day and all the days of my life.

I hide my life in you God by the power of the one true Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your great love and goodness. I bless you this day. Amen.”


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Kenyan Tragedy

I just received a phone call from one of our indigenous pastors in Kenya. Caliph and I speak regularly and we have done much work alongside him.

He called to let me know that his sister and brother-in-law lost their lives in the attacks in Kenya over the weekend, and they have left behind four young children.

Caliph and his wife are now the ones caring for the children, taking them into their home and life for the years to come. All of the children are under the age of twelve.

Please pray deep comfort and peace for all of them in the midst of this tragedy and loss and deep grief.

If any of you have a sense of giving some money to assist with the feeding and school fees of the children I can facilitate that happening.


“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

This Way is Life

Many years ago during a particularly difficult financial time I had a choice to make.

We had been living on very little, almost nothing, for some months. I had five young children and little to feed them. While I managed the best I could, the extreme deprivation was in fact making defeating inroads to my psyche and my perspective on the world.

I could feel a narrowing and a pinching of my heart and mind – a catch and grasp mentality was setting in.

We’d been living in a rural setting for some time and then moved to a house in the suburbs. With many other homes around us, with numerous kids now coming to play with my kids, I came face to face with my inner demons.

The question came down to apple slices, and who did I know God to be.

You see, with the neighbor children often over I had a choice to make. Would I share an apple with these new friends, or would I not?

For months on end with our fridge was next to empty, the cupboards mostly bare, with our food coming from leftovers of a nearby church, I was loath to share an apple with neighborhood children.

Before this time of poverty I would have shared an apple, and more, without a second’s hesitation. But after the difficulty had wormed its way through my heart I was finding this simple thing nearly impossible.

But I had a choice to make and it wasn’t so much about an apple, it was about my heart and the way I wanted to be in the world.

I could either choose to remain narrow and pinched, agreeing with the assignments of the enemy on our lives.

Or I could choose to share an apple out of faith and trust in a God who is bigger than I. I could agree with heaven or with hell. The choice was mine.

I chose to share apples.

Even though we barely had any, and what we did have could be gone tomorrow, I knew I wanted to live from who I knew God to be, not what my cupboards told me.

And that fearful, pinched place in my spirit was more scary than hunger had ever been.

Choosing to share apple slices with our little visitors began the shifting and the changing of direction that we all needed.

The pinched and narrow, suspicious and fearful, began to fall off like scales from my heart and mind and spirit.

That choice to walk in generosity and trust began its work of broadening my eyesight, expanding my reach, and creating a new path of life out of what had become destruction.

The choice is always ours. Either we live out of who we know God to be, or we live our lives out of our own circumstances and narrow perspectives.

One leads to life, the other doesn’t.

Which do you choose today?

Journeying Together

I’ve been really sad the last couple of days. So sad in fact that for two days now I’ve woken up crying, (I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before).

And while there are definitely a few things pressing on me in a sad sort of way, this has still felt a bit out of left field.

“Why am I so sad?” has been my cry to the Lord.

And then I realized. Of course. Monday the 27th was the two year anniversary of my granddaughters death.

And even though my mind is full of work and emails and things I must be writing – my soul is sorrowing, and my spirit is crying.

My being is remembering Anna even more than my mind is. And there is nothing for it but tears.

So I am easing off on the work, setting aside some of the writing, and giving myself time to grieve and honor my little granddaughter.

I’ve experienced this before. Where my being remembers even if I don’t.

Time is built into each of us, and these anniversary’s of loss and sorrow and even tragedy and trauma, carry on with us until there is healing and health restored.

Over the years I’ve had other key markers demanding grief, even though I had no idea what was going on for the longest time.

It used to be that the middle of March was a really hard time for me. And years back in my healing journey as I worked through past sexual abuse it came to light that March marked a traumatic time for me.

Each year, whether I liked it or not, there would be a few weeks each March that demanded I pay attention and that loss would be counted for.

The good news is, that as healing comes these time capsules somehow hardwired into our souls are released.

Healing removes the emotional set points in our brains, the strain of loss that has settled into our bones and muscles is loosed, and the triggers of sorrow and deep pain are released and are no more.

March does not carry for me the same pain it used to. The good Lord has healed me through and through.

Now, as I enter into and allow the sorrow of losing Anna, I’m not sure what the path will be. But what I do know is that I’m okay being sad until I’m not sad any longer, and that God has this journey, my journey, all our journey, in his hand.

We don’t journey alone. And healing does come. Thank-you Lord.