The fruit of our lives reveals the decisions and the choices all along the way.

Fruit doesn’t lie.

To the woman stuck in an exceptionally abusive and dysfunctional marriage that never gets better I say,

“You may think you are sowing good things like grace and loyalty, but what you are probably really sowing are things like compromise and less-than. You are reaping what you sow, and so are your children.”

We have to look deeper into our lives to see what we are sowing, while at the same time, all we have to do is look at the fruit and follow it back to its root and that is what we’ve been sowing.

Sow isolation, get isolation. Sow fear, get more fear.

Sow crankiness, get cranky joints and limbs. Sow suspicion, get paranoia.

Sow bad decisions and get chaotic living.

It doesn’t take brain science, but it does take the courage to really look at our lives.

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