Sow Compromise and get a compromised life.

Somehow we have made the word compromise into a good thing, especially when it comes to relationships.

I’m trying to understand this, but not really getting it.

Compromise carries within it elements of death. Where one party gives over something important to them there is a loss. For full health in all things comes from bringing oneself fully to the table.

To leave one part of self aside in order to go forward, compromises the foundational strength necessary for that forward motion to in fact take hold.

It is a lie, and sooner or later the compromised foundation of the decision will come to bear. The cracks in the foundation will grow.

There is a better way, and it is finding solutions that answer to both parties priorities. This can be done. If one is committed to honesty, to strength and to the relationship.

Compromise is the easy way out, and relationships deserve more than this.

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