showing up, investing, investing yourself, bigger than you, taking a chance, stretching, giving, empowering, speaking series, fellowship, gathering, cyndy lavoie, march 2013, surrey, british columbia, vancouver area, encouragement, empowering, living bold, making a difference,Showing up carries the power of our congruent selves.

We often disregard or minimize our impact on others and the world around us. Its simply too easy to think we are insignificant.

What if the opposite is the truth? What if your presence does more than you think it does? What if you could make a change in this world just by showing up?

Well, you can.

This is what I’m speaking about on March 12th in Surrey BC.

The Power of Showing Up.

It is more significant than you imagined.

We will look at a number of dynamics in the mix of showing up.

Is there power in listening? Is there impact in giving a hand? Where, how and why might an investment of yourself be the best thing you will ever do?

Join us!

time and place

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