I am pretty sure that most frustration with life can be boiled down to a discrepancy between words and action.

When it comes to parameters and intentions words are just one element of successful expectations.

Intentions set with words must be followed by action of some sort.

Verbal requests of others must be followed up on by action.

Expectations are null and void unless we back them up with action.

And the words we speak today are only as good as our action of yesterday.

Where we go wrong is in thinking that our words will change our worlds. That we set out an expectation, declare and intention, make a request, setting boundaries all along the way, but quite frankly words are cheap until they are backed with action.

Words simply set the space, the space is held with action.

So if you have been speaking to the same person over and over regarding the same thing with little response, it is probably time to take action.

What might that be?

If you are set on a particular path words alone will not bring you to your destination. Only action will do that.

What might that be?

If your person is in danger of ridicule or exhaustion or compromise, forget the words, it is time to take action.

What might that be?

Words are overused when we are unwilling to take hard action and determine difficult choices. But this leaves your words in fact undermined.

Without action to back up our words, our words mean nothing at all.

So today, make sure that you have action to back up your words… before you speak.

And those words you’ve been speaking, stop speaking them and say the same thing with action.

You will simply feel better. And life won’t be so confounding.

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