Some 85% of communication is non-verbal. When I was in Uganda visiting the elderly on their mats in their homes, it didn’t matter that we didn’t speak each others languages. For there was ample communication in action.

As I refused the provided chair and simply sat beside them on their mat volumes was spoken.

As they held onto my arms and hands in simple exuberance and welcome I needed to know little else.

The smiles on our faces and the light in our eyes became communion of heart and soul.

In large group settings the tenor and tone of voice and length of sentences told me most of what was going on.

Emotions are easy to read no matter the language. Body’s speak across cultures.

Its the same here. At home when our words seem lost in the mix, pay closer attention to the non-verbal.

What is the persons hands saying? What about their feet?

Hands don’t lie. And feet let us know if you are relaxed or not.

The set of the shoulders indicate camaraderie or defiance, strength or compromise.

And if you are receiving mixed messages from someone, where words are saying one thing and the body is saying another, go with what the body says.

Body’s don’t lie. Ever.

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