The freedoms we declare for others are only as good as our actions on our own behalf.

Authority to lead someone else to a better place, can only happen if you’ve been to that better place yourself.

For instance, prayers and petitions are only truly powerful when backed by spaces personally won through trial and conflict.

What I mean is this.

If you are praying for another clarity or guts or change, the question must be asked, have you yourself walked in that same clarity, guts or change?

Unless you have experienced and triumphed the same clarity you cannot declare it for another.

Unless you have slain the dragons of your own stuck places, you cannot declare stuck places gone for others.

If your prayers are not backed by personal action and struggle and victory they hold little sway.

Our knowing system is what drives declaration. And what we know, truly know, comes out of the actions we have taken over the years.

Head-knowledge does not accomplish anything. Action does.

So before you declare or pray for another, find it for yourself first.

2 thoughts

  1. There is much that rings true in these words Cyndy… But I also know that God is bigger than our limitations and He asks us to pray, for ourselves and others…. His power has to still be unleashed when we pray even when we still have areas of bondage. Not to disagree with you, but to make room for more than our well-being before victory is won.


    1. Hmmm, yes Lorna. I perhaps wrote this wrong or unclear. The power of our prayers is not in our victory or perfection by any means. The power of prayer is in the person of Jesus Christ and the heart of The Father. What I mean is that our ability to AGREE with the God in prayer does in fact become more or less effective depending on our personal EXPERIENCE with God.

      It is the intersection between God and mankind where miracles happen. If I am standing in the intersection not to sure about what I am praying for then I am not engaged to the same level I could be if I had tasted of God myself more.

      Yes? No?

      As intercessors we ‘represent’ God and His Kingdom on this earth. How can I represent a part of God I’ve not yet encountered?

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