Your entire life is giving you feedback twenty-four-seven.

Are you paying attention?

Life does not happen to us. The gods are not driving your circumstance. Very little is random and happenstance.

Life responds to the spaces we hold and the permissions we give.

Taking 100% responsibility for our lives is the most powerful thing you can do.

100% responsibility refuses to blame any of it on anyone else, on the weather, the past, the future, the spouse, the children, the parents, the co-workers, the boss.. you get the idea.

Rather than blaming, pay attention. What is the feedback telling you?

What are others saying to you? But even more important what are the non-verbal realities telling you?

What ‘bad’ thing keeps happening to you, and how might you have invited that into your life?

Just think about that for a minute. Let the question lay open in the palm of your hand.

Don’t rush to answer it just yet. Just wait. Just wait.

How might you have invited the life you have?

This may seem harsh yet consider this.

Every time you blame, every time you push away an inquiring question, every time you wallow in the ‘gosh I don’t know how this could have happened to me’ you give away your power.

Each of us have 100% power for our lives. But with every sentence that says, “So and so did it to me” we have just given away 5% of our power.

Add in the blame for your past and you give another percent of your power away. Decry your boss and another percent has just gone.

Your strength is ebbing away.

You will be in a free-fall if you don’t take care.

Now taking 100% doesn’t mean that you are responsible for the abuse or the car accident or the whatever bad things and unjust treatment there has been.

Being 100% responsible means that you are taking ownership of the results. You are going to do something about it all, and about your life.

Let the feedback give you all the information you need. Then take 100% responsibility. Your life will not be the same. I guarantee it.

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